Blade MDA Software

Green Dynamics’ Blade MDA (Multi-Disciplinary Analysis) software is a single, easy to use interface for the design exploration, development, and manufacturing of wind turbine blades. It provides insightful real-time feedback on structures, aerodynamics, financials, and manufacturing. The software lowers the barrier to entry for manufacturing companies and anyone involved in blade R&D. . 

Blade MDA is currently in alpha release. Please contact if you are interested in a login.

The software is being developed under a grant from the Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Institute (DMDII) awarded to Green Dynamics and six partner organizations (MetaMorph Inc; University of Delaware; Vanderbilt University; PTC Inc; MSC Software Corporation; Pennsylvania State University ARL)

The completed software suite will: 

  • Simplify the multidisciplinary design process by guiding designers through an incremental development approach across all product disciplines
  • Reduce the scope of disparate tool set expertise required to operate the range of key analysis codes used to analyze a complex turbine/rotor blade system
  • Close key gaps in the digital tool chain, particularly with respect to structural and manufacturing analysis and direct, fully integrated manufacturing plans and project costs

Visually rich summary screens allow you to graphically see results from each domain and drill down immediately. 

MDA Overview.png

Detailed project overview screens allow you to view all necessary functions for full blade definition and manufacturing execution. Each concentric ring denotes an increased level of design fidelity and the color scheme allows you to see which areas are yet to be complete.