Automated Laminate Creation

Green Dynamics’ patented laminate kitting and stitching process creates complex orthotropic multi-ply laminates in one secure, transportable assembly ready for placement into a tool followed by infusion. 

This innovative new approach to manufacturing provides several process advantages:

  • Lower tool process time for faster production rates
  • Orthotropic laminates possible with varied ply drop-offs and orientations
  • Automation of fiber placement increases accuracy and reduces labor costs

Retrofit blades

We manufacture retrofit blades for 50-70 kW turbines (8-14m length). The selective use of new, lower cost carbon fiber combined with our automated manufacturing machines make retrofit blades an attractive solution for existing turbines. These blades can provide a 10% increase in efficiency, are 35% lighter, and because of the automated laminate creation have competitive economics. 


Onsite manufacturing

Currently, physical constraints limit the transportation of wind turbine blades. We are developing a blade design, modular tools, and a manufacturing process that will allow continuous blade spars of 60 to 100 meters or more to be produced onsite at wind farms, thus eliminating the current onshore transportation limit. 

Automotive and other

Green Dynamics is conducting prototype testing with automotive OEM’s using our stitched infused laminate concept.